Power On The Rise: White Hinterland Starts 2014 With a Tour In Williamsburg, Brooklyn


The Fashion Week crowd is ravenous for the minimalist electropop artist and Massachusettes native Casey Dienel, who leads White Hinterland. Her icy, celestial track “Icarus” has been a runway playlist staple since its release in 2010. Her cooing for rebirth in nature and solitude does make sense, in a way, putting a soundtrack to a scene in which old is forever new. The twenty-eight year old singer-songwriter kicked off her 2014 tour last Saturday(Jan 11.) in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, –New York’s most popular neighborhood amongst artsy and hipster crowds.  Find details on White Hinterland’s upcoming shows and events here.  The last we heard from Dienel was in 2012 as a feature for an Alan Wilkis single dubbed “Shadow” and I’m hoping this tour is a sign of more original sounds to come. (NY Times)

Dienel is currently signed with indie rock label Dead Oceans based jointly in Bloomington, Indiana and Austin, Texas.

White Hinterland Twitter: @WhiteHinterland
White Hinterland 
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