Power On The Rise: Mali Music lifts us higher and higher



Mali Music’s songs burn with passion. It’s human feel comes from the live instrumentation and laid back musicianship. Pair that with crisp and clean production and you have powerful message after powerful message and all of it is easily consumable.

From the soulful groove to the rock drive to the pop style vocals, Mali Music covers all of the basis and has a little something for everyone.┬áThe uplifting and inspiring lyrics open your heart and make it easy to be come a Mali Music fan. If you’re looking for something to lift you up while also making you bob your head, Mali Music is a powerful addition to your music library.


POWER Breakdown

New York born music producer and sound designer, Malachi has worked with some of the industry's most successful players. Working for major record labels, such as Interscope and Bad Boy, Malachi is able to bridge the gap between business and art.

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