Power On the Rise: London Grammar (Featuring ‘Hey Now’)


This is not a new song, but it’s one that should go on notice as one of the best indie tracks of 2013 by one of the year’s most promising bands. If you’ve never heard of the British trio of Hannah Reid, Dan Rothman, and Dominic ‘Dot’ Major before now, it’s probably because their buzz is just starting to permeate a wider channel of music enthusiasts. As “Hey Now” suggests, with it’s midnight tempo and ethereal energy, London Grammar separates themselves from mainstream hitmakers by showcasing talent that isn’t driven by theme, but reverberating emotion. However, as Hannah sings, “letters burning by my bed for you,” it’s clear that the lyric engagement should not be overshadowed by the intimacy of the production.

LG is currently gearing up for their U.S. tour, which kicks off in Houston March 17th. You can stream “Hey Now” below and make sure to pick up the rest of their impressive debut album, If you Wait, on iTunes today.

Website: http://www.londongrammar.com

Record Label: Metal & Dust Recordings

Press Contact: inge@girlie.com (USA)

General Manager: natalie@biglifemanagement.com


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