Power On The Rise: KeithDopeMusic

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Hailing from Durham, North Carolina by way of Atlanta, Keithdopemusic is a superstar in the making. His smooth delivery and lustful content really evoke strong emotions from his listeners. His sound is at the intersection of Tank, R. Kelly and TheWeeknd.

Keith enters the game strong with his debut album, “Black”, produced by Anthony “24/7 Productionz” Tiseo. Built on a strong R&B foundation, the inclusion of contemporary Hip Hop and R&B creates an intriguing landscape and pleasant unpredictability. Challenging the conventions of the “slow jam”, he’s able to use a familiar brush to creatively paint very unique pictures.

Stories are his strength. Jump into his world and get lost in his poetry.

To download Keith’s new project, BLACK, visit www.keithdopemusic.com

POWER Breakdown

New York born music producer and sound designer, Malachi has worked with some of the industry's most successful players. Working for major record labels, such as Interscope and Bad Boy, Malachi is able to bridge the gap between business and art.

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