Power On The Rise: Joel Culpepper spices it up



Coming from South East London, it’s hard to sleep on Joel Culpepper’s soulful, yet hip style. He’s a perfect  mixture of Andre 3000 and Frank Ocean with an English accent. From his smooth delivery to the lush textures in his mixes, it is a pleasure to vibe out to Joel Culpepper’s compositions.

Music that is so authentic and honest is always refreshing to hear. His latest video, “Skydive” shows his first attempt at leaping from a plane. It follows his whole day from conception to completion. You feel as if you’re right there with him having all of the doubts and fears. It’s not often that an artist allows you to see into their world in a way that still fits their goal to entertain.

Joel Culpepper is a unique blend of style and vulnerability that make it really easy to immerse yourself in.

POWER Breakdown

New York born music producer and sound designer, Malachi has worked with some of the industry's most successful players. Working for major record labels, such as Interscope and Bad Boy, Malachi is able to bridge the gap between business and art.

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    Great song. Really chill, but still a nice flow.

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