POWER ON THE RISE: Drea Smith Of Indie Band Pyyramids Talks About Album ‘Brightest Darkest Day’




Pyyramids is my favorite discovery as of late.  The duo, which consists of Drea Smith and Tim Norwind, pack more soul in an Indie-Pop track than you can imagine.  And together they have created this completely unparalleled vibe that blurs genre’s like Electro, Alternative, Pop, and R&B.

In 2011, Pyyramids released their first EP, Human Beings, on independent label Paracadute. The 6-song EP gained traction in the underground with savvy music bloggers from across the globe championing the band. Their latest project is an EP titled after the band’s single Invisible Scream.  It features two brand new songs “Everything Leads Back To You”, “Better Than Before”, and a live cover of PJ Harvey’s “Rid of Me”. The songs discussed in this article come from Pyyramids latest album called Brightest Darkest Day (which is available for digital download and a super hip cassette tape here).
Over the weekend I reached out to the Pyyramids team and got the answers for a few questions I’ve been dying to hear:


Shanon Floretta: What/Who inspires you as an artist?
Drea Smith: I’m inspired by a lot of things. The people in my life, music I listened to when I was 13, films, fashion… but I think the thing that inspires me the most is how people process love. I spend a lot of time writing about love because it fascinates me and it’s impossible for any one person to figure out. It’s illogical and unhealthy, and beautiful and ugly and every one cares about it whether they want to admit to it or not. Even if it’s the absence of love, everyone can relate to that emotion.


SF: With singles like “Don’t Go” or “Smoke and Mirrors“, and pretty much every other track off of Brightest Darkest Day, the album feels really genuine and personal.  While going through the process of writing, editing and recording, did you feel like you were in the middle of transitioning to a new phase mentally or career wise?  What inspired the final track list?


DS: It makes me really happy to know that someone feels that from Brightest Darkest Day. Those songs are some of the most personal I’ve ever written. I wrote half of them while still living in Chicago, and the other half when I moved to LA and I was definitely going through a transition while writing. I also felt like I finally found my voice, both sonically and lyrically, with this project. There’s a certain vulnerability and honesty that wasn’t present in a lot of things I’d written before. I’d spent a lot of time trying to flex how clever I could be. Honesty felt like the best policy this time around.


Tim and I decided on the track list based on a few things. The energy and tempo of the songs, the story they told when put next to each other. We’re also fans of loud and quiet and showing the dynamic between the two. That definitely inspired the order of the tracks on the album.


SF:  I’ve been hooked since I first heard of you guys this past spring. How was it getting that sort of positive reaction from bloggers and fans?  Then you also performed at Afro Punk Fest this past summer, how was that experience?

DS: The positive feedback has been amazing. These songs are like our babies and it’s cool to see people react so warmly to them.  AfroPunk was definitely something I always wanted to be a part of,  and it was so rad to finally play it with this band.


SF:  Are you working on any projects right now? What can we expect next from you two?


DS: I’m currently working on an EP with my other project He Say, She Say and writing new PYYRAMIDS tunes as well. We’re working on new songs all the time and are planning to release another album and tour as well.


SF:  I love the creative direction of your music videos!  Ok Go was known for their innovative and super dope visuals.  Is Tim the creative genius behind your videos now?

DS: Thank you so much!  Tim and I work very closely with the directors we choose for our videos. We concept together for the most part, and we have the best time bouncing ideas off each other for visuals. I’ve learned so much from Tim about videos. “Do You Think You’re Enough” was my first time in front of a camera ever so I’m still a little new.

SF: What was the creative inspiration behind “That Aint Right”?


DS: We collaborated with Ericka Clevenger on the video for “That Ain’t Right”. She babysat for this awesome little girl Millie Sterckel and recommended her for the video. We wanted to capture the inner workings of a kid’s imagination for this one, with some dark and psychedelic flourishes. This was also our first video as a band, and we wanted the music to serve as a soundtrack to a scene instead of a full on performance video.


SF: Who were some of your favorite artists growing up?  Who are your favorite up and coming artists right now?


DS: I have so many favorites; The Clash, Blondie, Massive Attack, Fleetwood Mac, Billie Holiday, Nina Simone, Sade, Pixies, The Smiths and Portishead to name a few. I’m kind of obsessed with King Krule right now and I love Twin Shadow and Sampha.


SF: Favorite thing to do that sort of clears your mind when you’re not working?


DS: Reading and watching films and listening to music that makes me feel good. I’ve started cooking more recently, it’s become less of a chore and more of an art project, definitely clears my mind.


SF:  Any advice for upcoming talent?


DS: Be obsessed!!! Eat and breathe your art. Music isn’t the easiest route to go, but if you’re in it for the right reasons, the reward is sweet.

To explore more of Pyyramids, please visit their website at www.Pyyramids.com


General: info@pyyramids.com

Label: Paracadute paracadute@okgo.net

Management: Hornblow Group info@hornblowgroup.com

Booking: High Road Touring info@highroadtouring.com

Press: BB Gun PR bobbie@bbgunpr.com

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