Power On The Rise: Aloe Blacc

If you want to make it as an artist in the music industry, it’s simple: Make a hit record.

But in the days of committee songwriting and the advent of technologies making it easier for artists to get their music out, the chances of your brilliant track actually being heard by someone are quite slim. It’s easy for listeners to go shopping around Soundcloud, adding to their carts with no real devotion to the artist.

Case in point: “I Need a Dollar.” The catchy, ordinary Joe number was a certified hit – not only snagging 1 million in sales in 2013, but also serving as the theme song to HBO’s How to Make it in America – yet it didn’t mold singer/songwriter Aloe Blacc into a certified hit-maker.

Instead, the reason most people know that name is because it sits alongside EDM mogul Avicii and the tour de force that became “Wake Me Up.” You know, that song you can’t turn on the radio without hearing. The same one that now holds the Spotify record for most plays with over 200 million streams and counting. While Avicii understandably receives a bulk of the recognition, Blacc’s vocal performance and co-writing cannot go unnoticed. It’s his impassioned, southerly imprint that makes the song a hit and sets it apart from anything else permeating today’s dance scene.

Blacc serves as the perfect spotlight for the now. It’s not just about making a hit record anymore, it’s also about being good enough that someone with a further reach notices you. Who is Chief Keef if Kanye West doesn’t remix his track? Think about how many more people Googled the name “Sampha” after hearing Drake’s Nothing Was the Same. AlunaGeorge after “White Noise?”

A joint venture with Avicii was the best move Aloe Blacc could have made. Now that we’re all listening, all he has to do is make the music.

The method seems to be taking him places. For example, you might have heard his track, “Ticking Bomb” as the background music for the Battlefield 4 game’s TV ad. Perhaps you raised your head when hearing his vocals in either of the three recent Beats by Dre spots starring Kevin Garnett, Colin Kaepernick or Richard Sherman, as they all feature Blacc’s latest single, “The Man”.

With commercial success already under his belt, Aloe Blacc looks to pick up where artists like Anthony Hamilton left off and bring that sound into the homes of truck drives and ravers alike.  Be sure to grab his new album, Lift Your Spirit, as it nears its March 11th release.

Website: http://www.aloeblacc.com/

Record Label: Interscope Records / XIX Recordings

Press Contact: info(a)aloeblacc.com

Booking Agent: BIE@wmeentertainment.com (North America)

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