Power Music: Lady Gaga’s new video makes her that G.U.Y.



Lady Gaga is back at it, releasing her third single “G.U.Y.” which stands for “girl under you” and an artistic video to accompany it. Being one of the more uptempo and hip songs, this one is sure to please fans of her latest work. Starting off with with an intro that consists of excerpts from the songs “Artpop” and “Venus” and ending with “Manicure”, this music video feels more like a short film similar to MJ’s “Thriller” or Kanye’s “Runaway”.

It is in line with the story-telling, artistic nature she’s had since her second album. This endeavor being even more over-the-top than ever. From angels, to gods, Jesus, Gandhi, and thousands of marching militia, they spared no expense to create this stunning masterpiece. There is even a Michael Jackson salute in the video.

One reoccurring theme is power. As the lyrics suggest that she wants to wear the pants for a while, she creates many scenes in which she is reversing the power structures we’re used to. Making the inclusion of icons such as Jesus and Gandhi seem very appropriate.

Knowing that Lady Gaga is a fan of deeper undertones makes this experience one that excites a lot of curiosity. The imagery and hidden easter eggs will likely keep people coming back for more as everyone tries to decipher what each scene is REALLY about.

POWER Breakdown

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