Power Music: KiD CuDi – Satellite Flight



“Satellite Flight,” presumably the title track from his recently announced Satellite Flight: The Journey To Mother Moon EP, features the type of dreamlike fabric that we’ve followed throughout the Man on the Moon storyline. It’s complete with an elevated string synth over which the Cleveland MC butters with his classic vocal approach. Moaning? Yes, but that’s what CuDi fans want as he gets in his zone and spaces out somewhere between the worlds of rapping and singing.

The bridge, or “RAW ASS VIBE SESH” as the lyric sheet describes it, is definitely a highlight. Toting a slightly heavier electronic synth, the segment is surely just as much for Cudder’s own enjoyment as it is for the listeners.

KiD CuDi’s vast music taste has been reflected in his morphing sound over the past few years, but “Satellite Flight” closely resemebles the origins of his appeal. Stay tuned for more news on the EP in the coming weeks.

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