POWER MUSIC: J. Cole’s emotion filled video for “She Knows”



Already a powerful song, “She Knows feat. Amber Coffman & Cults” stays true to the heavy, real-life nature of the song. Directed by Sam Pilling, the video follows a troubled teen through his typical day. From friction in the house to ditching school, from drugs to dodging police, this video paints a vivid picture of the ups and downs of life for someone who doesn’t feel like the fully belong.

Though the plot of the video is not 100% aligned with the song (the song hints at J. Cole being unfaithful and not being sure whether or not to address it even though he knows his lover is aware of it) the audience is not left feeling disconnected. The emotion is spot on and there’s even a plot twist that links the video to a line in one of J. Cole’s song “Trouble” off of the same album. A clever jewel for anyone who is a fan of J. Cole’s work.

The deep story telling of the song and video plus a celebrity or two and this video is a powerhouse in it’s own lane.

POWER Breakdown

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