POWER MUSIC: Chromeo does it again making everyone “Jealous”



Chromeo is back! After four long years, they return with a smash that channels the great songs of today. The use of live bass guitar creates a solid groove that rivals Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky”. The Katy Perry sounding electric guitars mixed with the four-on-the-floor drum beat really makes it hard to not move when the song comes on.

The crisp production really allows the story to shine as you are pulled into the world of Chromeo. Instantly, everyone can relate to plot. Seeing your lover hanging with other suitors brings up a lot of feelings and emotions. Combine that with a funky 80′s feel and you have a lovable masterpiece.

Chromeo has done it again.


POWER Breakdown

New York born music producer and sound designer, Malachi has worked with some of the industry's most successful players. Working for major record labels, such as Interscope and Bad Boy, Malachi is able to bridge the gap between business and art.

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