Power Music: Avicii’s puts a new spin on Bonnie & Clyde with “Addicted to you”



Avicii’s latest and greatest is a fast paced roller coaster ride that is brilliantly married to his addictive song. This video, directed by Sebastian Ringler pushes the envelope of what music videos normally look like. It’s sexy, it’s fun, it’s daring, it’s provocative, it’s suspenseful. A mini movie set to Avicii’s amazing soundtrack. The time period of the video syncs up well with the retro vocals on the track.

This artistic masterpiece depicts a burglary duo that are hooked on each other and their crime spree. It’s a refreshing spin on a concept that been done many times before but I won’t spoil that here though. You’ll have to watch to see.

POWER Breakdown

New York born music producer and sound designer, Malachi has worked with some of the industry's most successful players. Working for major record labels, such as Interscope and Bad Boy, Malachi is able to bridge the gap between business and art.

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