Power Moves: Zedd Partners with Bud Light Platinum for Grammy Campaign

It’s hard to be the person expected to outdo Justin Timberlake, but this Grammy season will see A-list Producer/DJ Zedd as the new front man for Bud Light Platinum’s Grammy campaign. Numbers show a drop in sales during Timberlake’s run, which some argue may have led Bud Light to opt out. However, EDM and its grip on popular culture seems a bit more reasonable. Plus, who better than Zedd with his proven commercial success? Bud Light only has its best interest in mind by staying fresh and embracing the period.

The new campaign, titled “Turn Up Your Night,” will debut during the Grammy Awards this Sunday. Zedd fans will be happy to hear that a commercial spot is also set and will premiere a new original track, “Find You,” featuring previous collaborators and celebrated vocalists Matthew Koma and Miriam Bryant.

Rob McCarthy, vice president of Bud Light Brands at Anheuser-Busch, assures that “Bud Light Platinum is looking forward to connecting with the largest music movement of millennials, EDM, and sharing the same musical passion points as its drinkers.” Zedd seems to be all in, referring to the partnership as “natural” and telling Billboard that while it was initially a small-scale campaign plan, “we realized how much we could achieve together that we couldn’t do on our own.” He talks about how being on the same page creatively allowed them to have a lot of fun in the process.

As if we don’t have enough big Grammy moments to anticipate, this is certainly another treat.  Zedd is set to perform at Universal Music Group’s Grammy weekend showcase on January 25th, with the actual award show kicking off the following night, Sunday the 26th, at 8pm EST.

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