At the end of last week, Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter Usher Raymond celebrated the 15th anniversary of his nonprofit organization New Look. The event was held at the St. Regis Hotel in Atlanta, GA and included several celebrity guests including Ludacris, Sugar Ray Leonard, and Josh Kauffman.

Usher Started the foundation in 1999 to help under privileged youth develop skills to become leaders. Since its inception, New Look has been at the forefront of the education crisis, helping to develop today’s youth as tomorrow’s global leaders.

Jasmine Pollard, who received the Youth Achievement Award, says “Just because life sometimes sets you up to fail, doesn’t mean you have to.” This year Jasmine, who is the oldest of nine children, will graduate from Georgia Southern with a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations.

“I love that we’re leading by example,” said Chris “Ludacris” Bridges, who served as the Gala’s MC.
“I’m here as a friend and as a supporter,” said boxer Sugar Ray Leonard, who Usher will portray in the upcoming movie.

In his address to the crowd, the pop superstar stated “To graduate, to establish a talent and focus is far more important than anything because it can take you anywhere.”

For more information on New Look Foundation, visit their website at http://ushersnewlook.org/

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