Power Moves: Kanye West & Steve McQueen for Interview Magazine


2013 was certainly a defining year for both of these creatives. For McQueen, his highly acclaimed 12 Years a Slave scooped up industry wide accolades while West’s Yeezus project and interview “turn-ups” were the center of much controversy towards the latter part of the year .

As Interview Magazine readies its Febuary issue, we now know that not only will West be featured on the cover, but he also sits down with McQueen for an exclusive interview. The British filmmaker covers a lot of ground, venturing into questions about West’s creative niches, family life, the Grammys, and of course, what it means to navigate in high places while being a person of color. As one would imagine, the synergy of the interview illuminates the revered qualities of both men respectively and is not caged by limited perspectives or a fear of approaching topics like marginalization in a way that encapsulates their shared roads.

Photographer Steven Klein contributes with bold visuals of West which draw inspiration from his Yeezus tour and play on the dark aesthetics West has helped to define in recent years. Check out the full interview and spread here as we anticipate what will surely be a huge release next month.


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