Power Moves: Drake Signs Deal with Team Jordan


In a day and age where being a successful musician necessitates that the person market themselves into a successful brand, partnering with Team Jordan is one of the smartest business moves Drake could have made.

It makes sense for both parties.  Although all the retro Jordan shoes were birthed through the Nike brand, JORDAN as its own “sub”  brand doesn’t live up to the same godly status… which gives Drake the perfect fit as someone who doesn’t pride himself in being a fashion icon. Furthermore, members of today’s sneaker culture probably also listen to Drake’s music.

The “OVO” collaboratives  posted on Drake’s Instagram are samples of what the public may expect at some point in the coming months, but no word has been given on what products the partnership will entail.

Drake announced his addition to the Team Jordan family during a recent tour stop in the Nike headquarter city of Portland. Immediately this brought to mind operation Kanye West and Yeezy’s current frustrations with the fashion world. He too recently announced a deal with a shoe brand: a rumored $10 million dollar contract was reached under Addidas’ higher end Y-3 line. This, of course, was only after West openly slammed the Nike brand and terminated his “no royalty” contract with them.

It’s no secret that Drake has been influenced by Kanye West. The two have always shown to be friends – having worked together numerous times and openly sharing their respect for one another – but it’s clear from an audience perspective that they are inarguably one of each other’s biggest competitions. The intangible contributions that West has made to our generation are endless, and as he continues to battle for tangible respect, one would think it impossible for him to simply turn his head when a music first guy like Drake smoothes out a shoe deal so seamlessly.

I’m sure the elephant in the room will be addressed one way or another, but knowing these two, it won’t distract their common passion to keep moving forward with what truly matters with them.

Congratulations, Drizzy.

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