Irving Azoff, one of the most powerful executives in the music business, continues on his acquisition streak.

Azoff MSG Entertainment, the joint venture between Azoff’s music management company and the Madison Square Garden Company, has acquired a 50% stake in Burns Entertainment, a celebrity marketing agency.

Burns Entertainment markets celebrities to businesses looking for spokespeople for their advertising campaigns. Some of Burns’ brand clients include Audi, Dr. Pepper, Sprite, and Acura.

The newly expanded venture will be called Burns Entertainment and Sports Marketing LLC. Burns Entertainment will now be better able to match its clients with businesses that are seeking spokespeople.

“We are thrilled to have Burns as part of the family. Bob Williams, Doug Shabelman and Marc Ippolito have built a globally recognized business and we are looking forward to taking it to new heights,” stated Irving Azoff.

The CEO of Burns Entertainment, Bob Williams, is also happy with the arrangement, saying “We think the match with Azoff MSG Entertainment is the perfect partnership to expand our business to the next level. We always say that celebrities are not the only ones who need an agent’s help, the companies seeking their endorsement need an expert to guide them in paying the right price, making the right choice and contracting property for their campaigns,” adding, “we’re excited that Irving Azoff and his team will be a tremendous partner in exploring high level relationships that compliment our existing clientele and expertise.”


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