POWER CREATIVES: Jon Bellion [Singer/Songwriter, Eminem’s “The Monster”]


Rolling Stones recently reported that Eminem became the only artist since the Beatles to have four songs featured in the Top 20 on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart as a lead artist. This is right after the rapper won Artist of the Year at the YouTube Awards, having not made much noise in the music industry until very late in the year.

Call it loyalty or just really good music, Eminem isn’t soaring into the New Year on his own.

Given The Power Room’s mission to highlight the hands on creative work done by the music industry’s behind the scenes cast, I took it upon myself to investigate some of the power people who’ve helped Eminem reinsert himself into the game so dynamically.

I quickly came across the name Jon Bellion. I’d been familiar with some of his solo work, but I had no idea that he also co-wrote “The Monster,” the Rihanna featured track that found Eminem his first #1 tune on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop songs chart.

Apparently, making hits is something Bellion is trying to inject into his natural code as a creative. Although a songwriter in regards to a massive Eminem track, Bellion recently sat down with Hot New Hip Hop (HNHH) and informed us that right now he’s much more focused on his own work as an artist. “I’m really working on my own stuff,” Bellion said. “A lot of people are reaching out for me to work on their projects, A&R’s, Presidents of Labels and stuff to work for their artists. The past couple days I’ve really just taken the time out to work on my own shit.”

Adding a #1 hit for a major artist under your belt is certainly the type of move an emerging pop artist wants to be making. However, it’s clear that Bellion’s imprint intends to define “pop” in such a way that does not sacrifice ownership in the face of numbers. In the interview with HNHH, Bellion makes it a point to talk about projects on a very personal note. “This is my music,” he clarifies,  “it might come off as pop because it is easy digestible and you can understand exactly what I’m talking about and it’s not cryptic, but my music is who I am, whatever I feel like making.”

The Power Room loves young talent who take control of their career from the jump, making intelligent moves such as knowing when to let the Riggs Morales’ of the world use a track that you wrote, but also taking the necessary time out to tend to one’s own music making career. Jon Bellion is certainly a young talent to watch.

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