On January 1, 2015,  Jody Gerson will be replace Zack Horowitz as the new Head of Universal Publishing Group. Horowitz was named to that position in 2012, after serving as president and chief operating officer of Universal Music Group for 12 years.

Gerson has played a vital role in the careers of artists such as Enrique Iglesias, Mac Miller, Pitbull, RedOne, Shakira and Pharrell Williams.

The start of her Publishing career started at Warner/ Chappell and was there for six years. From there she began working at  EMI as head of the company’s east coast publishing division

One of Gerson’s many accomplishments include co-producing the movie Drumline in 2002 and, she is now executive producing Drumline 2 for VH1.

Lucian Grainge, who is the CEO of Universal stated,  “Jody Gerson is simply one of the best music publishers in the business, and we are thrilled that she will be bringing her creativity, savvy and vast experience to UMPG. Jody represents a new breed of music industry leadership, with a keen understanding of the evolving role of music publishers in the digital era and a track record of artist successes that places her among all-time greats.  I’m excited for what we will accomplish together.”

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