The developers of Shazam have come up with yet another great idea. The app, called Resonate, seeks to engage users and become a platform for advertisers by having a cohesive sales resolution for TV Networks to gain access to Shazam’s 140 million US Users. This song identification App has collaborated with TV Networks such as Fuse, AMC and A+E to help advertisers for brand integrations.

Marketers will utilize this platform for messaging control, content experiences and brand engagement. Chief revenue officer Kevin McGurn says, “We’ve taken what we’ve learned over the past two years and developed a product that will afford us the ability to hand over the reigns of the Shazam sale to network executives.”

There were over 700 million users of the Shazam app during the super bowl and over 1 million during the Grammy’s.

Why not capitalize and make an app that will benefit not only the user but the marketers as well?

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