The Power Room is a place of discovery created to bridge the dissension between the music culture, and highlight the accomplishments of those who are trailblazing the power moves we see daily. This is a view into some of the music world’s most coveted industry professionals, talent, and the teams behind them. We provide a unique look into the experiences of Talent Managers, Agents, Executives, Directors, Producers/Engineers, Songwriters, and more.

The Power Room is unique, as our focus is not solely on the artist, but instead the “moving parts” behind the talent, giving you a linear perspective from the people who bring ideas to fruition.

What story is there to tell?

Our goal is to provide perspective and inspiration via influencers from various facets of the music industry. This site is meant to be informative, entertaining, and interactive- we welcome your feedback and input. If you’d like to submit content to be posted on the site, please contact us here.

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